Towmaster2 Car A-Frame System

Attach Your Car to Your Motorhome with Complete Ease and Speed with an A-Frame

The Towmaster2 A-frame‘s efficient design ensures your car can be attached to your motorhome with next to no difficulty, with a coupling that moves left, right, forward or rearwards to attach to your towbar, without the need to constantly move your car to correct your position. Your car can be attached in minutes thanks to an EZ lock system.

A-Frame Features:

  • The A-Frame‘s strong and secure-by-design, EZ locking mechanism makes quick work of attaching, after an easy 90-degree turn. You can also, optionally, add a locking tab or padlock to the A-Frame mechanism for added security.
  • For difficult terrain, the auto lock can be released easily with release levers.
  • A-Frame Lynch pins are cabled together to avoid the loss of any important parts.
  • The A-Frame is easily retractable for compact storage within the storage bag.
  • Round drawbars made of stainless steel provides added strength.
  • Cable-holding clips included, meaning there is no more bungee cords required to hold up electric cables.
  • No second person needed to extend or retract the a-frame, thanks to the a-frame being lightweight and features an auto locking mechanism and fast connection, with auto-self-centring arms as you begin to drive.
  • Durable, powder-coat a-frame finish.
  • FEA (finite element analysis) computer tested and destruction-tested for longevity and utmost safety.
  • NCAP accident safety features.
  • 1.2 meters in length to help prevent jackknifing the car and motorhome when turning tight corners.
  • Each and every A-Frame conforms to the exact manufacturer’s standard.

Pricing (Supplied & Fitted)

£2800 inc. VAT.

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