Your Local Car Mobility Adaptations Installer

Car Adaptations can Make a Huge Difference to Your Motoring Experience…

Adaptations may enable a person to have more mobility and be able to drive where it would otherwise not be possible.

Car adaptations can help with speed control, steering, signalling and transporting your electric/manual wheelchair with ease (by way of overhead storage or an electric hoist to help transfer your wheelchair or mobility scooter in to your boot).

We install the leading makes of car adaptations from Jeff Gosling, Guidosimplex and Autochair, and each adaptation comes with the full manufacturer warranty.

What is a Mobility Car Adaptation?

An adaptation is a device which has been fitted to enable or improve your driving or travelling experience.

Most customers organise their adaptations at the same time as ordering their car as part of what we call the Motability Managed Adaptations Programme.

Example Car Adaptations that we provide:

  • Transfer plates
  • Steering Aids, i.e. Steering Ball Attachment
  • Remote Control Devices (Makes it easier to operate car functions, such as indicators, windscreen wipers and headlights)
  • Left Foot Accelerator
  • Hand Controls (for push/pull acceleration)
  • Boot Hoists (for easy transfer of your mobility scooter or wheelchair)
  • Rooftop Stowage (perfect for cars with limited boot space)
  • Electric Person Hoist
  • Swivel Seats (for easier access to your car)

If you think you need an adaptation for your car, check out the videos above of the most popular adaptations and how they work to see how they could improve your travelling experience, then/or…

Call us on 01522 524444 to discuss which adaptations you may need and get a quote.

The Motability web site also has a great section on adaptations that we can install and are available through the scheme.

Recent Car Adaptations We Have Completed

“Excellent customer service, a great guy, met all my needs in fitting my hand controls to my car, will be definitely using again if I need to.”

Doug Cooper