Motorhome & Light Commercial Vehicle Air Suspension System

Reduce Vibrations with Air Springs

A fantastic solution by Top Drive System (supplied and fitted by Lincoln Towbar & Mobility Centre) for motorhomes or light commercial vehicles to use air springs that are applied to the rear axle, interposing between the axle and the frame with the aim of minimising vibrations caused by the impact of the end-of-stroke buffer, i.e. when the vehicle is close to its load limit.

Multiple Versions Available for Managing Various Loads


Where it’s necessary to provide only some help to the already sufficient load capacity of the vehicle.


Generally the most chosen product by customers.
The standard design usually involves an air spring that can withstand a medium payload and not too heavy.


When the vehicle is particularly stressed, or when the permanent load is almost always at the upper limits.
This meets the needs of the heaviest load.


Designed to reduce direct stresses on the frame in a more progressive way.
In addition, a restraint system is added to distribute the load on larger surfaces in a variable manner depending on the excursion of the spring itself.

Super Comfort

Goes beyond the application of an air spring, that reduces vibrations and impacts on the vehicle chassis as much as possible, offering particular driving comfort, even on traditional vehicles.


Basic kit: £650 inc. VAT (fitted).

Kit with compressor and dashboard controls: £950 inc. VAT (fitted).