Motorhome Levelling by Amplo (with Security in Mind)

Camper Parking Feet/Stabilizers from Amplo with Passcode Protection to Help Prevent Theft

The electro-hydraulic motorhome levelling system from Amplo provides greater stability of your camper/motorhome in any position.

Amplo’s goal, when designing their motorhome levelling system, is to allow you walk around your vehicle without having to constantly “wobble”, always sleep in a comfortable and level position, make all appliances work correctly and avoid wear on tires and shock absorbers.

The levelling feet are completely removable and compatible with any type of camper and motorhome.

Standard Kit, Fitted and Installed by Lincoln Towbar & Mobility Centre, Includes:

  • 4 telescopic cylinders can load up to 2900kg each
  • 1 mini hydraulic power unitwith emergency manual pump
  • 1 display with power board
  • 1 remote control for cylinder operation with operation 1-2-4 cylinders at a time front-post-lat right-side left
  • 1 self-leveling sensor
  • 5lt oil with viscosity index for temperatures -20 ° C + 80 ° C

Easy to Use with Passcode Protection to Prevent Theft

Without the security code, it is not possible to move the Amplo feet.


From £5000 RRP. Call 01522 524444 to book your motorhome levelling fitting.