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Why Use An A-Frame?

Many places we like to visit in our motorhomes are not always that suitable for large vehicles. There may be narrow streets, limited parking, height restrictions, expensive parking and more that are inconvenient for the motorhomer.

Using a motorhome tow car can give you the freedom to explore, without any of the listed problems above and without having to disturb your pitch set up. Also useful when using sites that do not have reserved pitches.

A Towcar-A-Frame is much more stable to tow with its widely separated axles, when using the cars braking system has a far superior braking efficiency over a trailer and has no pushing and pulling effect, or yawing on the motorhome.

A Towcar-A-Frame also has a lower centre of gravity and is unlikely to snake like a trailer could. However it is a conversion to that vehicle alone and cannot be used with another vehicle that has not been converted.

So if you change your towcar regularly it may not be the most cost effective solution.

Are A-Frames Legal?

Yes! although this is a complicated area. Our A-frame system complies with all current and pending legislation covering a frames and trailers.

The changes in legislation that came into effect in November 2014 will mean many systems on the market will no longer be compliant.


What Car Can I Tow?

We currently adapt around 25 cars to towcars. It is not always possible to adapt every car.

We use a system of towing that does not deface the car with protruding metal parts. Nor do we change the cars crash properties. We adapt the cars existing crash bar system in such a way that when not being used as a tow car it’s just as safe to run over a pedestrian or crash into another car or object as it was originally (we don’t recommend that you test this if possible). Not all cars are suitable for this type of adaption, some are too heavy, and we have to draw the development line somewhere.

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