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Driving adaptations can make a huge difference to your motoring experience. They may enable a person to drive where it would otherwise not be possible, and can help with speed control, steering and signalling.

If you think you need an adaptation, check out these videos of the most popular adaptations and how they work to see how they could improve your travelling experience. The Motability web site also has a great section on adaptations available through the scheme.

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General Information

An adaptation is a device which has been fitted to enable or improve your driving or travelling experience.

Most customers organise their adaptations at the same time as ordering their car as part of what we call the Motability Managed Adaptations Programme.

If you had adaptations fitted after your lease started then you will need to arrange and pay for any maintenance required directly with your adaptations installer.

If you’ve never driven a car with adaptations, you should consider visiting a Mobility Centre.

There are 17 Mobility Centres across the UK, each employing qualified occupational therapists and driving instructors. They will provide you with an independent assessment, as well as practical driving experience in a car fitted with adaptations, to help you understand the types of adaptations you may need to improve your driving or travelling experience. Call the Motability Customer Services team on 0300 456 4566 if you would like to arrange a Mobility Centre assessment before speaking to an adaptation installer or dealer.

Your local Mobility Centre is Derby DrivAbility

First… Speak to a Motability adaptation installer and discuss your needs.

There’s over 100 adaptation installers across the UK who supply the Motability Scheme. You can find their contact details and information about the adaptations they provide at or call 0800 093 1000. Remember, the adaptations you need may not be suitable for all cars. Speak to your installer about which cars are most likely to work for you with your chosen adaptations.

Then… Visit a Motability dealer and choose your car.

With a huge selection of cars to choose from, there’s bound to be one that suits your needs, budget and the adaptations you require. There are nearly 5,000 dealers across the UK with trained Motability specialists who will be happy to talk you through your options. You can search for local dealers in your area, and find up-to-date pricing for all the cars on the Scheme at

Finally… Order your new Motability car and adaptations.

Once you have chosen your adaptations and car, your Motability dealer will complete the simple online ordering process with you. They will work with a preferred installer to ensure that your brand new car is fitted with the adaptations you need before it’s delivered. You can also arrange a free introductory session to help you get used to using your new adaptations. Simply speak to your dealer when you place the order.

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We have partnered with the leaders in adaptation technology to bring you the highest quality products.

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